"Hi Susan, thanks as always for your follow up and attention to detail!"
- Jason Kane

"Susan, I did want to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service you provided us while managing the property from 2010 – 2013. While having no other experience with a property manager prior to Long and Foster, I will hold them up to the standard that you have set for the industry. Again many thanks and kindest reguards."
- Jared Dunn

"I want you to know that Emily and I are deeply appreciative of all the support you and Calvin have showed us over the years. You have always been courteous, timely, and understanding. Calvin and Absolute Build have bent over backwards to assist in our hectic schedules. I will definitely ensure that I speak very positively about you, Absolute Build, and T&C to anyone that inquires. Again, thank you very much for ALL of your help over the last 3 years."
- John Spencer

"And yes I was not joking when I said I work 18-20 hours days and was truly impressed by you and your work ethics. Time to go to sleep since my alarm is set at 5:15” 🙂 Have great night."
- Mohammad Barmawi

"Susan, Thank you for letting me know. I really appreciate the quick turn around! You are an excellent property manager."
- Elizabeth Zaprazny

"Dear Susan, I wish I could actually take you out for a cup of coffee to thank you for all your incredibly hard work and positive attitude. It was an unusually rewarding experience for me to work with you.”
- Jaynie Grant

"That is what is so great about you, quality customer service, something lacking in so many places so thank you for that.”
- Sandy Sparkes

"Susan, I would like to renew. Thanks much and appreciate all that you do. Thanks!”
- Cheronda

"Susan, I hope all is well. I can’t thank you enough for the extraordinary assistance you have provided my family with our house related issues. I can understand the amount of time our home has cost out of your busy schedule.”Susan, I hope all is well. I can’t thank you enough for the extraordinary assistance you have provided my family with our house related issues. I can understand the amount of time our home has cost out of your busy schedule.”
- John Spencer

"You all have been very professional. We have enjoyed living in this home and working with Long and Foster! On a side note, if we return back to this area and are in the market for a home, your office will be at the top of our list!”
- Kelsie Carter

"Perfect! Thank you so much for taking care of the door and for sending the pictures. I wish I signed up with your management company sooner! Enjoy the rest of your week!”
- Ravann Sowa

"Wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your work and all you do to help us manage our property on Jowett Court in Alexandria. Although the economic environment is very stressful for us, we are glad to know we can call on you for help. Thanks again for your help during the past year, getting the property rented and getting people in place to repair and maintain as necessary.”
- Louis Wollenberger

"Susan–I really appreciate your courtesy and promptness regarding any issues I have brought to your attention. The difference has been like night and day! It would have taken probably a week to get a response with the last managers and I’ve had several responses from you in just 1 day. Thanks, Rich”
- Richard Weakland

"I couldn’t be more pleased with the way you’ve managed my investment property. Between my busy schedule and frequent trips out of the country, I needed someone I could trust and rely on. You have exceeded my expectations and given me peace of mind.”
- Sally M.

"Thank you very much for making our rental a success! I will definitely recommend your name to my friends. We could not have done it without you.”
- Mika, Jen & Christian

"You guys are great! I haven’t had to worry about a thing since my transfer to California–you have taken care of everything for me. I appreciate all of your help.”
- Mark O.

"Thank you so much. Our neighbors mentioned how much more traffic they’ve noticed since changing realtors. We appreciate all you are doing to help us get it rented.”
- Pat Backe

"Hi Susan Thanks for always being on top of things. It’s very refreshing to work with someone like you. Frank”
- Frank Thomas

"All 5s from me. You’ve done a great job and have been very helpful in taking care of some of the minor repairs that would have been difficult to contract. Thanks again.”
- Chris Ruffolo

"You are very responsive to my calls! You have excellent knowledge and are very understanding of my concerns. I had a concern about the cost of a repair and your company handled it very well. I am very pleased thus far.”
- John Stefero

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