Tenant Responsibilities

  1. Maintain home in clean condition
  2. Promptly report any damage to property
  3. Exterior
    • Keep lawn mowed and weeded
    • Keep flower beds neat, tidy and free of weeds
    • Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed
    • Trim low branches on trees if needed (owner responsible for branches out of reach while standing on ground). Let property manager know if higher branches need trimming
    • Keep exterior clean, but do not powerwash without permission from property manager
    • Winterize outside taps (turn off valves inside and drain water from outside hoses and spigots)
    • Keep driveway clean of oil, paint, or other chemicals
    • Clean exterior windows upon move-out
    • No propane tanks stored inside residence. Grill use allowed only on decks or in yards (not under decks). They must be at least 10 feet away from side of home and in accordance with HOA or Condo Association rules.
    • Keep exterior clear of debris, junk or any accumulation that would be unsightly or in violation of community covenants
  4. Interior
    • Maintain home (walls, floors, windows, baths and appliances) in clean condition at all times
    • Tenant is responsible for pest control after 30 days from move-in until end of lease
    • Make sure all light bulbs are working properly
    • Replace batteries in smoke detectors if needed and report promptly if not working properly
    • Replace furnace filter bi-monthly unless directed otherwise
    • Tenant is responsible for clogged or slow drains after 30 days from move-in until end of lease
    • Tenant responsible for broken windows or torn window/door screens unless pre-existing damage is noted on move-in inspection
    • Tenant responsible for damage caused by rough use, accidental damage and intentional damage. (Landlord is only responsible for normal wear and tear)
    • Tenant responsible for re-attaching curtain rods, towel bars and banister rails if not reported loose within first 30 days of occupancy
    •  Professionally clean carpet upon vacating at end of lease and provide receipt
    • We recommend that the house be professionally cleaned at end of lease–if additional cleaning is needed to prepare house for sale or rent, the cost will be deducted from tenant’s security deposit
    • Promptly repair any damage to property
    • Promptly report any defect (something that is not working properly) in appliances, plumbing, electrical system or structure
    • Do not make any modifications to structure, electrical or plumbing systems
    • Do not repaint without prior written permission. We may require that a room be repainted to a neutral color before move-out
    • No pets unless specifically written into lease and pet deposit has been collected.
    • No smoking inside home by anyone including guests
    • No guests allowed for more than one week without prior written permission of property management company.
    • No additional tenants or subletting without written permission of property management company and landlord’s permission. Allowing any occupant to move in without permission is a violation of the lease.

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